JBlunt Designs

This journey all started when my girlfriend (now wife) wanted a ring to signify our relationship. There was a problem though, she is allergic to metals besides stainless steel. It just so happens that I work with stainless on a daily basis as a fabricator and food-grade welder. After 6 years of creating and pushing my ideas and designs to be better than the last creation, I now have an entire collection of uniquely and (completely) hand crafted hypoallergenic rings. I design and make every single ring from start to finish with the greatest of pride and craftsmanship all the way down to the end, even finishing each ring by pressing in my signature with a stamp press I engineered and fabricated from stainless. Here are a few pictures I gave a customer describing a few of the many processes I do in order to create one of my rings. My designs will soon be in stores world wide as I have been extremely encouraged by local jewelry designers to take JBlunt Designs to the next level. I enjoy the process of creating and consider it to be such an honor to be involved in something that is to be worn that holds such great significance to another human. Just released is the new Stainless Damascus Collection and Damascus & Gold Collection! And soon to be released is the Solid Sterling & Gold Collection coming this June 2016 for purchasing!
God bless, Joshua David Blunt


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